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Don't drink water that's full of nasty contaminants. Instead, partner with the Tampa area's most trusted water purification specialists. We've been helping local home and business owners since 1969. That's more than 45 years of experience!


Water’s secret ingredient? Your water treatment professional

The Pentair® Quick-change Reverse Osmosis system is only available from authorized Pentair professional dealers. The Hytek team knows how to make the most of the advantages engineered into every Quick-Change system:

FREE water testing

Your local experts in water purification are also your partners for big savings! Speak with us today about FREE water testing, big referral bonuses, and our exceptional financing options.

45 Years of Experience

Serving Greater Tampa, Polk,

Pinellas & Pasco Counties

Pentair Multi-Stage Protection

There is a real satisfaction in knowing that your home’s drinking water can be trusted for purity, flavor and all-around refreshment, every hour of every day. The best way to get that assurance is to choose products from an industry leaders like Pentair and Hytek to back them up with solid support and sound advice.

  • Installation expertise – we make sure your system is installed correctly and safely to ensure that it reliably delivers every ounce of performance possible

  • Local water knowledge – we know the water problems common to the area, which empowers us to suggest the most effective, efficient and affordable system

  • Pentair pride – by partnering with an acknowledged industry leader in residential and commercial water treatment, we demonstrate a superior concern for long-term customer care.


We do it all!

Sediment Cartridge

• Removes particulates and sediment

• Extends the life of carbon block cartridge


Carbon Block Cartridge

• Protects RO membrane cartridge by removing chlorine

• Additional protection is provided with a second carbon block cartridge for the five-stage system


RO Membrane Cartridge

• Removes dissolved solids

• Removes contaminants at the ionic level that may affect health


GAC Post Filter Cartridge

• Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) improves taste and removes odor


System Monitor (available)

• Continuous monitoring of water quality

• Lifespan timer for sediment, carbon block and GAC cartridges

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